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Mechanical Engineering

Objective of Program

To nurture internationally recognized qualified Mechanical Engineering Technologists who can effectively and efficiently contribute in national socioeconomic development.

B.Tech Courses

No.Semester ISemester II
English for Communication II
2English for Communication I
Social Science
3Life Skills
Occupational Safety and Health
4Applied Mathematics I
Applied Mathematics II
5Applied Chemistry IApplied Chemistry II
6Applied Physics I
Applied Physics II
7Basic Engineering Drawing
Engineering Mechanics
No.Semester IIISemester IV
1Technical English

Ethics, Sustainable & Humanitarians
2Laws and Guidelines Relating to Technology
Professional English
3Engineering Economic
Applied Mathematics IV
4Applied Mathematics III
National Development Plans
5Introduction to ICT
Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management
6Machine Drawing
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
7Workshop Technology
No.Semester VSemester VI
1Applied Mathematics V
Applied Mathematics VI
2Specialized Software Application
Internal Combustion Engine
3Engineering Materials
Production Technology
4Engineering Graphic & Design
Applied Thermodynamics
5Engineering Thermodynamics
Strength of Materials
6Theory of Machine
No.Semester VIISemester VIII
1Automotive Technology
Machine Design
2Dynamic of Machines
Industrial Engineering & Management
3Fluid Mechanic
Elective II(Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Service Engineering, Advanced Automotive Technology)

4Design of Machine Elements

Final Project II ( Individual Work)
5Elective I(Manufacturing System & Automations, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning , Advanced IC Engine)
6Final Project I (Group Work)

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