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Information Technology

Welcome to the Information Technology Department at G.T.I (Mandalay). The Department offers A.G.T.I Diploma Certificate in Information Technology. The Department aims to equip students for the increasingly technological world of work and to provide them with routes into the ICT industry, Telecom companies, and other private sectors. Therefore, students can study the three main IT fields: Networking, Programming and Web Development Technologies. The Department offers an exciting curriculum designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for the workplace and further education. The students can study IT subjects with computers, modern teaching aids, and equipment.

The vision of the IT Department

  • To provide competent and skilled intellectual IT technicians
  • To meet the challenges of today’s modern computing industry

Mission of IT Department

  • To elevate the students through advanced quality education in Information Technology
  • To provide need-based quality training in the field of Information Technology

Values of the IT Department

  • Its objectives are well- aligned with the goals of the Institute.
  • The IT department, itself, sets a good example in the effective use of Information Technology.

Course Duration 

The students have to learn the practical and theories of IT courses at GTI (Mandalay) for 3-years. If the students have passed the examination and finished the internship, they get A.G.T.I Diploma Certificate.

Course Structure     

            1. Myanmar (M-11011)
            2. English ( E-11011)
            3. Mathematics (Ma-11011)
            4. Engineering Science (ES-11011)
            5. Engineering Mechanics (ME-11015)
            6. Basic Technical Drawing (ME-11011)
            7. Computer Technology (IT-11011)
            8. Analog and Digital Electronics (IT-11012)
The last two subjects are the major subjects and also taught and trained by the teachers of the IT Department. Computer Technology (CT) focuses on the basic knowledge of Hardware, Software, and Networking. The students have to learn the components of the computer, how they work, how to fix the hardware problems, how to solve the software problems which are occurred in PC, the wired and wireless network, and how to set up. In Analog and Digital Electronics subject, students can learn to parts: Digital technology, and theories of Analog. The students have to learn the electronic components and their functions, how they can connect and work in the circuits, the binary operations, logic gates and circuits, Boolean algebra methods, the structural approach, and the data flow approach to writing VHDL code.

           1. English (E-21011)
           2. Mathematics (Ma-21011)
           3. Networking Essential (IT-21012)
           4. Programming in C++ (IT-21011)
           5. Web Design ( IT-21013)
The second-year students have to learn the need of network in today’s world, what are the advantages of network, what is Client-Server Model, different types of networks, and their configurations. Web Technology is very popular in today and so, the students have to learn how to control the structure of a Web Page using XHTML, how to style it using CSS, and how to add interactively using JavaScript. For Programming in C++, students have to learn the OOP with C++ language, UML, software development processes, and how to write and run the program code using Microsoft or Borland Compilers.

           1. English (E-31011)
           2. Web Development Technology (IT-31013)
           3. Data Communication and Computer Networking (IT-31012)
           4. Programming with C# (IT-31011)
This is the final year and after this, students will join the respective IT fields. Therefore, advanced web development technologies and methods are taught to become a junior web developer. Because of teaching the Data Communication and Computer Network, students can join the Telecommunication Companies and become the junior Telecom Engineer. The students have to learn the fundamental knowledge of data structure in programming and algorithmic way of thinking as well as the experience gained in solving programming problems from C# programming subject.

The IT Course is constructed with Programming Language (C++, C#) Networking and Web Development ( HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP and Database).

Class Timings

35 hours /week, 30 weeks/ year

Assessment Methods

Practical, Job Examinations, Semester Examinations, Projects, and  Industrial Trainings.

Grading System

  • 81-100  Grade “A”
  • 61-80   Grade “B”
  • 41-60   Grade “C”
  • 21-40   Grade “D”
  • 0-20     Grade “E” 

Admission Requirement details

Must be passed Matriculation Exam with Physics and Chemistry Subjects, and the total high marks of  English and Mathematics.

Career Prospective after Graduate

After getting A.G.T.I (IT) Diploma, they can join as Programmer, Network Technician and Web Developer ( HTML and PHP) in the IT job Fields.