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Electrical Power Engineering

In AGTI Year I, there are eight subjects.
In AGTI Year II, there are seven subjects.
In AGTI Year III, there are six subjects.
EP AGTI Course
The main subjects of Electrical Power Engineering are;

 First Year Subject

Basic Electricity, Basic Analog & Digital Electronics, Principles of Electrical Technology (for Mechanical Engineering)

Second Year Subject

Engineering Circuit Analysis, Electrical Machines I, II, Generation, Transmission and Distribution,
Electrical Wiring Design and Illumination, Electrical Machines (for Electronic Engineering)

Third Year Subject

Electrical Estimating, Electrical Machines III, IV, Transmission and Distribution, Industrial Motor
Control & Programmable Logic Controller, Electrical Safety & Protection.
In this EP department, has 11 teachers for teaching and lab; U Ye Aung is the head of the department of electrical power engineering. The main mission is the students to become a skillful electrician and fulfill attitude and knowledge.

Course Duration 

The students have to learn the practical and theories of EP courses at GTI (Mandalay) for 3-years. If the students have passed the examination and finished the internship, they get A.G.T.I Diploma Certificate.

  1. Myanmar
  2. English
  3. Mathematics
  4. Engineering Science
  5. Engineering Mechanics
  6. Engineering Drawing
  7. Basic Digital Electronics
  8. Basic Electricity
  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Circuit Analysis
  4. Electrical Machines
  5. Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  6. Electrical Wire
  7. Mechanical Engineering Fundamental
  1. Electrical Safety & Protection
  2. Electrical Estimating
  3. Electrical Machines
  4. Industrial Motor Control
  5. English
  6. Transmission & Distribution

Class Timings           

35hours/week , 30weeks/year

Assessment Methods 

After finished the theories, examine the students by examination. For practical, assess the students by individual relate their job sheets. 

Grading System

  • 81-100  Grade “A”
  • 61-80   Grade “B”
  • 41-60   Grade “C”
  • 21-40   Grade “D”
  • 0-20     Grade “E” 

Admission Requirement details

Must be passed Matriculation Exam with Physics and Chemistry Subjects, and the total high marks of  English and Mathematics.

Career Prospective after Graduate

After getting A.G.T.I (EP) Diploma, they can join as electrician in the EP Fields.