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Admission Criteria

School Permit Terms

(a) They must have been successful in 2022 matriculation exam.

(b) Those who want to apply for government technological colleges must be filled with the following qualifications.

  • University Applicants must be a Citizenship Inspection Card point (N)/ (Be done)/ (Guest).
  • In 2022 matriculation examination, he must be successful in any languages that include Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Good health and practical activities and factories, workshop must be able to work field to companies.
  • The course is 4 years old and will be awarded the B-Tech degree when completing a four-year period of completion.

(c) Priority to teach the students for B-Tech (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Power), they must have (English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics) 4 total scores.

If necessary, the total marks of matriculation exam, the student’s priority application and the student accept will be allocated depending on the limits of the student acceptance.

Requirements for enrollment

Requirements must be attached to the following information with the application.

  1. Applicant’s Citizenship Inspection Card (Copy)
  2. The original letter of recommendation from the Township Health Department of Health
  3. Authorized matriculation exam improved score (Original)
  4. The applicant family chart with the applicant’s name (Copy), (It must be taken original to check)
  5. Passport-size colored photo (3)

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