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Background History

         Government Technical Institute (Mandalay) was opened on December 20, 1995 by Prime   Minister U Nu himself. The location is between 30th and 31th Streets, between 68th and 70th; Pat Kone Pyawbwe Station, Chan Aye Thar San Township. It was upgraded to a technology college on August 20, 1999. It relocated to the current Technological University (Mandalay) north-south of Mandalay, and the role of GTI and GTI disappeared on October 2, 2002. Government Hospital opens as former Government Technical Institute Center. It is being Used Government Technical Institute (Mandalay) on the current 70th and 28th Streets (Mandalay). The site was formerly a vocational high school and is owned by the state. According to the TVET, GTI is reopened in 2015. Government Technical Institute (Mandalay), 2015-2016 academic year started on January 25, 2016.From now on, it has been upgraded and opened as a Government Technical College.

         The Government Technical Institute of Mandalay was opened by the Prime Minister U Nu himself on December 20, 1955. In the beginning, the location of GTI(Mandalay) was between 30th and 31st streets and between 68th and 70th streets, Chan Aye Thar San township in Mandalay region.

          It was opened in 1955 and increased Government Technological College (Mandalay) on August 20,1999. After upgrading for three years, the new college was moved to a higher capacity in the University of Technology (Mandalay) and then promoted to a higher level on October 22, 2002.

         In 1955, GTI (MDY) which was opened in 30th street, was transferred to as     GTC(MDY) in 1999 and then expanded  to as TU(MDY) in 2002. GTI(MDY) which has shut down since 1999, is reopened between 69th and 70th and the corner of 28th streets in January 26, 2016. In that school, all students are learning in Engineering subjects respectively. Now GTI(MDY) was promoted to as GTC(MDY) which is situated in the 70th and the corner of 28th streets on June 29, 2022.