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Admin & Finance Department

Responsibilities of the Management/ Financial DepartmentFinance

(a) Responsibilities of the Staff Division

The duties of the staff branch are appointing by staff, promotion, transferring, retirement, giving to resign, working on staff issues such as penalty, systematic care of employees’ personality and employees resumes, performing the list of staff requested by the Department on time, performing issues of training, updating by computer accounting for the accuracy of staff factors.

(b) Responsibilities of the Student Division

The duties of the student branch are that receipt of admission applications, identifying entry registration points, publication of the posts of roll number, analyzing the producing of school transfer and resigning the course, citizenship verification, registration of student personal record cards, examining the nominations of school fee amnesty, scholarships and research grants, performing the disciplinary activities for the peace and quiet of the estate and for the disciplinary student. The computer is constantly updated by the computer to send students on timely posts by the Department.

(c) Responsibilities of the Budget Division

The duties of the budget branch are drawing budgeting, revenue payments in accordance with account procedures, listing of annual censorship, clearing the department and region audit office, recharging the income, household, meters, life insurance and tax relief from salaries, computing the list of transferring systematically.

(d) Responsibilities of General Branch District

The duties of the area general branch are warehouses, building project implementation of urban repair of roads, doing as needed for the greens and the good. It is a matter of electrical preparation of building.

(e) Responsibilities of Storage Branch

The duties of the storage branch are listing of office equipment, checking fitness regularly, maintaining computer and printer if you need to repair office equipment, pre-calculating inventory of supplying office equipment, supervisions of the operation of the business due to office defects.

(f) Responsibilities of Library Branch

The duties of the library branch are consumption of books required for students to read and use students for research, registration maintaining properly, leasing books, submitting to delete damaged books, with the planning of location and furniture, students are available to visit the library.

Admin & Finance Department Faculty Members

Dr. Tun Kyaw Myint
Ph.D (Mc.E)
Dr. Nan Ni Ni Myint
Vice Principal
Dr. Aye Aye Mon Thar
Head of Department
Daw Thinzar Oo
Daw Zin Mar Htun
Office Superintendent
Daw Kaythawe Hnin Nu Maung
Library Assistant(1)
Daw Thiri Khit
U Kyaw San Win

Daw Charry Tun
Daw Ei Ei San
Staff Officer
Daw Phyo Mon Mon Thant
Lower Division Clerk

Daw Thae Nu San